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Michelle Grinder

I grew up a city girl but my parents were from a small town in the south.  They decided to move back to Tennessee when I was seventeen, and I realized I had found home. As a city girl, I have always loved fashion and design! It’s been my dream to have my own Boutique for as long as I can remember! All grown up, I decided to play dress up every day! Now having daughters of my own, it felt like the right time to chase that dream and hopefully pass on two big lessons. One, Chase your dreams, work hard and they will turn into reality.  Two, is to utilize your God-given talents. When you do something you’re blessed with and you love, well it just doesn’t get any better!  I want my girls to be hard working, independent, head strong gals (Just not while I’m raising them!)

I believe the right dress doesn’t make the bride, but the right bride will make the dress. Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and who doesn’t want to look and feel their best on that day. That is why I want you to leave my Boutique knowing that the gown you chose, is the one! As important as that is to me you may not find that dress here, and that’s okay. I have no doubt you won’t find another store like it! My staff and I love to laugh and are full of fun. Until the right dress and the right girl meet, then we may cry with you! Either way, we promise to give our best. I hope you leave with a Smile!

My store may look a little New York City but we have not forgotten our Southern roots. We never meet a stranger and want you to feel like a part of our family. That’s Brandi Michelle’s.

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