Welcome all brides!!!
Whether your budget is $300 or $3000, Brandi Michelle’s Boutique has something for everyone! I opened this boutique out of my love for fashion and the need for a local boutique. One that treats each bride like she is our only bride. I built this store as we are in a small town and often must travel to fit the bill of an affordable yet trendy markets. I wanted the feel of a Big city boutique with the customer service you only find in south!
When I was a young girl, I used to sketch wedding gowns, pageant gowns, it didn’t matter a gown and a reason to wear it, was all I was looking for. WAIT!!! I never need a reason to dress up, if the mood hits me honey why not put on something that makes you feel fabulous and roll with it! Its about what makes YOU feel best!
Believe it or not I grew up in a very conservative home in the heart Of Seattle Washington. I was also on the heavy side as a child and all my friends were always smaller than me and could wear fashionable trends. There were several reasons I was left out of this.
1. I couldn’t fit into their cloths.
2. My father was strict, forbidding I wear anything with lyrical or spandex, nail polish, makeup etc.
3. We lived in household that could not afford designer anything but the latest trends my mother sowed.
At the time I thought it was a dreadful existence. However, it made me work hard and I may be considered a fashionista, but I can assure you of this. This is one day you should be able to find and afford a gown that makes you feel like the world is yours.
A size 2 or 32 we have gowns for all sizes! I started by designing a store worthy for our brides to have a full, fun, custom appointment that your friends and family can be a part of. Creating memories that will last a life time. We strive to meet your needs. Each of our team member are eager to help you find your style. No pressure, I believe this is the most important day in a girl’s life and that’s pressure enough.
Our staff is a close knit, mutually supportive group. Full of laughs and style. My team includes; Jessie, Delaney and Jessica all bridal consultants. But we cannot forget my fur baby, Ohana, A Siberian Husky (Shhh …he thinks he is human) Big personality and big baby though he loves mints and can often be found standing at the counter posing as a guest, begging for them. No worries though… if you’re not a dog person? Ohana, loves his nap time in the back! Come join us today for an experience that is delightful, insightful and all about you!! The bride to be!!!

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